This Lexus UX is brandishing a new tattoo

When was the last time you saw an actual tattooed car? Well, this Lexus UX has it, and it looks awesome. Celebrating premium Japanese artistry and craftsmanship, Lexus commissioned London-based tattoo artist Claudia De Sabe and husband Yutaro of Red Point Studio to give the UX SUV some ink.However, it's not as easy as it sounds. "When you tattoo a person, you have to think about the muscles and tissue beneath the skin," said De Sabe. "With the car, it was about the way the bodywork changes shape over the framework." – Apparently, it was De Sabe's first time to tattoo a car, and she had to employ a new technique – not to mention use a new host of tools – to complete the job.

Instead of using a conventional tattoo needle, the artists had to use a Dremel drill to literally engrave a delicate pattern in the UX's flawless white bodywork. In some cases, the artist had to engrave through bare metal to achieve the desired look – "the best thing about tattooing the Lexus UX, and the reason why this car was ideal for the project is due to its streamlined shape" added De Sabe. "Everything from the lines on the side of the body to the shape of the windows, everything is just so dynamic and beautiful" she continued. She felt it was a perfect fit for the the concept itself.

Since we're talking about tattooing a Japanese car, the chosen design must symbolize eternal Japanese culture. If you were thinking about sushi and wasabi, you're wrong. Lexus chose a sweeping koi carp pattern running the entire length of the vehicle. Koi fishes are symbols of good fortune and long life, which perfectly befits the qualities of a Lexus vehicle. The artists also threw in a couple of goldfish for good measure.

After many hours of tedious drilling, the artists applied five-liters of car paint to bring the patterns to life. De Sabe also utilized some gold leaf paint to enhance the three-dimensional vibe of the tattoo. Afterward, the car was sprayed with multiple layers of clear coat to 'protect' the tattoo patterns even if the vehicle is driven under sun, snow, wind, or rain.

The entire process required six months of intensive laboring while the tattooing process alone took five eight-hour days to finish. The result is the world's first tattooed car.

Honestly, it's a welcome respite from all the grim coronavirus news reports we're getting these days. And if this tattooed Lexus UX inspired you in commissioning a tattooed car of your own, better prepare your wallet.

As with all things related to artistry and craftsmanship, the total bill for the Lexus UX tattoo is a whopping £120,000 or $138,000 in today's money – which costs almost three times more than the car itself.