This is why you don't use your iPhone on the treadmill

I won't deny that the iPhone is a great piece of technology. Like it or not, it's revolutionary. It's not, however, some magical device that will save you from injury. In fact, if you try and save it from injury, you might just end up like some poor sap that posted his story and pics on Flickr.

Apparently he was working out on his treadmill, and the iPhone fell off and hit the treadmill which shot it across the room. He spun around to watch it and ended up falling and being rocketed himself, resulting in one nasty looking injury.

He's apparently alright, since he lived to tell the tale. He does not, however, mention the fate of his iPhone. We all want to know, did it survive?

Ladies And Gentlemen: The First iPhone Injury! [via consumerist]