This is why Fortnite's snow biome doesn't have vending machines

Fortnite: Battle Royale's biggest island change post-desert region was the newly launched snow biome, a corner of the map transformed into a winter wonderland. It didn't take long for players to notice a few quirks about this region, including the complete absence of vending machines. Epic has shed light on why that happened, and the reason is pretty simple.

According to Fortnite Intel, the reason for the missing vending machines was provided by Epic Games' David Spalinksi, who reportedly said that the team simply forgot to add them. However, changes are coming.

Players can expect to find vending machines in the snow biome once game update version 7.20 arrives (it is currently on 7.10). The change will be a welcomed one, addressing one of the region's biggest complaints: it's too barren.

Upon arriving, many players complained that the snow region features too few items and resources, making it a risky place to drop and less welcoming place to venture into late-game. Vending machines will help address one part of those issues, enabling players to trade resources like wood or brick in exchange for whatever weapons or consumables the machines offer.

The upcoming v7.10 Fortnite update may also bring a new weapon to battle royale called Machine Pistol. The firearm is already available in the Save the World mode, but hasn't officially arrived in the BR option. A leakster recently found assets related to a new Machine Pistol BR variant in the 7.10 update, however, hinting at its future arrival.