This is the 'Ghostbusters' baddie you haven't seen yet

Trailers, trailers everywhere. While we've seen the two official trailers Sony released in the U.S., those in other countries have been given a better look at the movie. A new international trailer for the soon-to-premiere flick has made its way online, and it's pretty great. Yes, it has scenes we've already well as a considerable number we haven't, and they shed some light on the story. Oh, and there's a massive angry ghost.

The first Ghostbusters trailer tried to make people nostalgic with a library ghost, but viewers mostly bickered and complained about it alternating between blue and green and how it meant the movie is definitely terrible, even though it hasn't hit theaters yet. Slimer has an appearance in the movie, and we've already seen it via the trailers (he's pigging out on junk food). There are some creepy ghosts trapped behind glass in the second trailer, and a dude that appears to be on stilts.

The international trailer, though, has one we hadn't seen yet. Check it out:

Yes, that's one very large, very angry ghost with a red bowtie. If you're thinking it looks familiar, that's probably because it so strongly resembles the one in the Ghostbusters' logo. It may be more than that, though, with hints abounding that this giant ghost is the bad guy in the movie, the ghost among ghosts.

As io9 points out, a few months ago Instagram user Pixel Dan posted a photo of a new Ghostbusters toy saying that he'd confirmed with Mattel that the character you see below "is the main villain in the new Ghostbusters movie."

Confirmed at #Mattel this morning that this is the main villain in the new #Ghostbusters movie. #ToyFair #TF16 #NYTF

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