This is how much the LG G6 will cost

It is the case these days that, with some exception, most companies don't completely reveal critical availability details for a newly announced product. And by "critical", we mean when it will actually start selling and for how much. This gives said companies enough time to adjust their figures in between announcement and launch. Lately, however, companies have started to shorten the gap between those two dates. The LG G6, for example, will go on sale starting March 10, at least in Korea. It's price tag, however, might not be something you want to hear.

To be clear, this is the retail price for the Korean market, as revealed by LG's own mobile chief Cho Juno. And that price is 899,800 KRW. That roughly translates to almost $796. Yes, that's a rather high price to pay but it's probably going to be less than the Samsung Galaxy S8 when it launches. And definitely a lot less than the iPhone 8 if its $1,000 starting price is true.

The price could still be lower in some markets, mostly because the Korean SKU will be significantly different from other models. It is the only one that has a Quad DAC chip. The US models, on the other hand, have wireless charging that other SKUs don't. Those with dual SIM trays have neither. That could pretty much skew pricing in different markets.

As for the launch date, a US or global launch wouldn't be too far from the March 10 rollout. Especially if LG wants to beat Samsung to the press. Its rival has already teased a March 29 announcement for the Galaxy S8. Whether LG likes it or not, that is bound to be the talk of the town in the following weeks.

LG might have a hard time convincing buyers with that price tag vis-a-vis some of the G6's "missing" features. The smartphone's large 18:9 display definitely makes a compelling argument, but its 32 GB storage. lack of some camera features, and inconsistency in features in different markets might give some would-be buyers pause for thought.

VIA: Korea Herald