This giant Super Soaker can shoot water at 243MPH

Forget your ordinary Super Soaker — inventor and former NASA engineer Mark Rober has taken things up a notch with his DIY record-breaking 'Super Soaker.' This version of the classic toy is, well, no toy; it can spray water at more than 200MPH, shattering glass, destroying bananas, and probably doubling as a satisfying pressure washer for your driveway.

Rober shows off his creation and details the build process in a near-10 minute video, one that includes the original Super Soaker's creator. Rober's version differs in obvious ways, not the least of which is its massive 7ft length and body made in part out of wood. The design and fabrication was done in part with Ken Glazebrook of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

In its completed form, Rober says the Super Soaker has a psi of 2,400 and that it shoots water at 243MPH (though in the video he says 272MPH, so that part is not entirely clear). If that sounds like a record-breaker, that's because it is — the Guinness World Record for largest Super Soaker officially goes to this invention.

It's all good fun, but the Super Soaker is no toy. Despite its classic design, the creation certainly skews more closely toward the weapon side of the spectrum. Rober explains on YouTube, "2400 psi is basically a bomb. We took a lot of precautions not shown [in the video], so only attempt this if you know what you're doing." Assuming you're one of those people, the CAD files and more can be found here.

SOURCE: Gizmodo