This free Echo Buds update makes Alexa your workout buddy

Amazon today is starting to roll out a new update for Echo Buds that will allow users to have Alexa track their workouts. While those who are serious about fitness may want to stick to dedicated fitness trackers, it seems that the functionality rolling out to Echo Buds today covers the essentials, giving users basic statistics about their workout via voice commands.

According to Amazon's announcement today, all users have to say is "Alexa, start my workout," to get the company's AI assistant to begin tracking. Some of the metrics Alexa will track include duration, steps, calories, distance, and pace, and it seems that Alexa is capable of tracking these things for both walks and runs.

If you own a pair of Echo Buds, you'll first need to enable workout tracking. You'll do that by opening the Alexa app and then opening the "More" menu. From there, head into "Settings," then "Account Settings," then "Workouts" and finally, "Create Workout Profile."

At the end of your workout, you can have Alexa give you a rundown by saying "Alexa, how was my workout?" Amazon says that you can also check your workout stats by going into the Alexa app, but since that requires navigating through multiple menus – "Alexa App > Tap Devices > Tap Echo & Alexa > Tap Echo Buds > Tap Workouts" according to Amazon – it's probably easier just to ask Alexa for the stats yourself.

You can also use Alexa voice commands to control your music as you work out, as Amazon suggests saying things like "Alexa, play fast songs for running" or "Alexa, turn it up." Finally, you can ask Alexa for updates on your workout while you're in the middle of it by saying things like "Alexa, how far have I run?" or "Alexa, what's my pace." If you're in the US and UK, look for these features to land on Echo Buds in the next few days.