This Elder Scrolls Ritual of Mara ring is a wedding band only a gamer could love

Someone has probably uttered the words "the couple that games together stays together" at some point in the past, and now Bethesda is giving you a chance to put truth to those words. New in the Bethesda merchandise shop today is a listing for a Ritual of Mara wedding band, which – judging by its price – is aimed at only the biggest Elder Scrolls fans and their lovers.

According to Bethesda, the ring is made of "Solid 10K Yellow Gold" that's been "Polished to a mirror shine." The ring doesn't quite have the flair we see in some other engagement rings and wedding bands, but in keeping with the Elder Scrolls theme (or at least the Skyrim theme), it does have a four-pointed Nordic knot on the front along with Nordic knotwork around the band.

On the inside, there's an engraving that reads "With this ring and Mara's blessing." The Ritual of Mara will be familiar to Elder Scrolls Online players, as it allows two players to exchange rings and get a 10% experience boost from that point on when they're in a party together. "If you're one of the lucky ones who have found someone you wish to spend your life with on Earth and Nirn, make your way to the Shrine of Mara, and exchange rings with your beloved," the listing reads. "If you're one of the equally lucky ones who are happy to be on your own or to wait for that special someone, the blessings of Mara still rain upon you."

Unfortunately, buying this ring is going to cost a pretty penny, as Bethesda has priced it at $1,000 on the nose. That's quite a bit of money for a ring like this, and unless the person you're engaged too really, really likes The Elder Scrolls, it's probably a good idea to consider other wedding bands. If you decide you do want to buy the ring, it's available in sizes 5 through 13.

This is a pre-sale item, with orders expected to begin shipping in April 2021. It'll be up for grabs from the Bethesda store until February 14th, 2021, and Bethesda is very clear in saying that it won't be returning to the store once it's gone.