This Bluetooth fidget spinner tracks your spins and speed

Do you have master fidget spinner skills but no solid way to prove it? A soon-to-launch fidget spinner with built-in Bluetooth has the solution, using the wireless technology to connect the spinner to a smartphone running a companion app. Things like speed, combos, and more are tracked in the app, which then allows the user to share their results, brag about their score, and see how fast they were spinning.

The fidget spinner is called BlueSpin, and it is currently resting on Indiegogo as a preview of a soon-to-launch project. The mobile app aims to connect fidget spinners together into a single community, enabling players to challenge their friends, compete for top slots on an international leaderboard, and more. The video below shows the device and app in action.

The app challenges users to complete tricks using their fidget spinners, which seems based on the video to involve just switching the spinner from one hand to the other when prompted. There are touch sensitive buttons and a position sensor to keep track of how and where the device is being used, while the app recognizes the moves you're making.

The app interface shows things like who you're competing against and each of your scores, offering options to share the results on either Google+ or Facebook. There's also a chatting function in the app, which itself is compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows. The app also doubles as a tracking device to find the fidget spinner's location based on Bluetooth. According to The Verge, the campaign will launch next month.

SOURCE: Indiegogo