Third Gen Xbox 360 Dashboard Update Spied On Video

Last week we mentioned that the third generation of the Xbox 360 dashboard was inbound soon. The new update is expected to launch November 15. There is another rumor that the new update might go into beta this month as well. Yet another rumor claims that there will be some sort of cable TV service along with the update.

What is claimed to be the new dashboard has turned up on video. The only downside is that the dashboard is apparently in French so you might not be able to read it. You can still get a good feel for the design and layout of the dashboard though. The dash is supposed to have more Kinect integration too.

The tip that surfaced last week surfaced via a PayPal leak. It seems the PayPal workers are doing some of the testing since PayPal is one of the services that is a payment options for games and content on the network. The dashboard looks pretty good, you can see the video below.

[via Kotaku]