ThinkGeek's Tesla Watch is steampunk-chic

Not interested in a smartwatch, but still desire something cool and unique for your wrist? Well, if you're into the look of leather, brass, and rivets that defines steampunk, you're definitely in luck today. ThinkGeek's new Tesla Watch not only features a winding key for setting the time, but two vacuum tubes on top with LEDs that can be activated with a switch. While these features may not add much functionality to a watch, the same could be argued about reading emails from your wrist.

While this might seem like one of the goofy things ThinkGeek thinks up for April Fool's Day, the Tesla Watch is 100% real and can be purchased from their website for only $60. The stainless steel case measures 1.6 inches in diameter, with the watch face being 1 inch, and the total with the tubes being 2.7 inches.

The "ornamental winding key" as its called is used to set the watch's time, while a smaller dial on the upper left ticks off seconds. There's even a little loop on the wristband that the key tucks into when not in use.

The vacuum tube-style LEDs are controlled with the sliding switch on the top of the case. You can even leave them on all the time without worry of it draining the power, as the LEDs and minutes/hour hands each use their own battery. Just be careful when wearing the Tesla Watch, as those tubes make the timepiece very non-water resistant.

SOURCE ThinkGeek