ThinkGeek whips out cool iPad Bluetooth Keyboard Case

Shane McGlaun - Nov 10, 2010, 5:06 am CST
ThinkGeek whips out cool iPad Bluetooth Keyboard Case

I loves me some ThinkGeek. These people really know how to toss a product onto the market with geek appeal. The awesome Wampa Rug and the coolest pizza cutter ever in history of man that looked like the Enterprise are just two epic examples. The latest product from the company isn’t as geeky as those two, but it’s more useful for many of us.

The thing is an iPad Bluetooth Keyboard Case that you can stuff your iPad into giving it a wireless keyboard allowing you to type while on the road. This is the perfect case for the iPad owner that wants to use their iPad like a netbook to do some work.

The case sells for $59.99 and is available right now. The batteries inside the keyboard recharge using USB and it is packed inside a black leather iPad case with a magnetic flap. That flap can prop the iPad in different positions for comfortable viewing. The case and iPad together weigh 2.75 pounds and the keyboard has iPad specific keys. Those keys include home, volume, iPod controls, and search. The battery is good for 90 hours of continuous use.

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