ThinkGeek wages war against deep sleep

Look, this clock is called the Sonic Bomb – it has an alarm capable of being cranked up to 113db and, if that's not enough to shift you, there's a remote vibration unit which slips under your mattress and wibbles you awake – and even though it's advertised as being bloody loud I'm certain someone will injure their ears with it and sue ThinkGeek for medical costs.

Should you be in the market for a wife-surpriser, as I know many of SlashGear's readers are at this time of year, you could turn the alarm off and just leave the vibration unit active.  Imagine the priceless look on her face as she suddenly spills hot cocoa down her nightdress when the double-divan starts twitching like a leper beneath her!

The Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock is available now for $39.99. 

ThinkGeek [via Uncrate]