ThinkGeek Shows Off Electronic Rock Guitar Bag

ThinkGeek has some of the coolest geeky toys and wares around. Some of the stuff is a bit odd like that titanium straw we talked about a while back. For a while now ThinkGeek has also been offering shirts that have musical instruments on the front you can actually play. So far, you can jam to a guitar, keyboard, and drum shirt.

Today there is a new musical whatnot that you can collect. Rather than a shirt that you can't wear every day (unless you don't worry about things like hygiene) the latest in the musical line is a guitar bag called the Electronic Rock Guitar Bag. The bag has the same style guitar on it that the first of the shirt series offered and has its own battery powered amp that you can hang on the outside. The bag will play real sounding cords that were recorded from a guitar.

The bag will let you play all major cords and the bag itself really works too. It is large enough to hold a laptop up to 17-inches. Inside are two large pockets, six small pockets, and a zipper pouch for your phone. The bag is made from thick black canvas and has fake leather accents and a magnetic closure for the main flap. The bag will ship August 28 for $49.99.

[via ThinkGeek]