ThinkGeek receives cease and desist order for unicorn meat

I am a big fan of ThinkGeek, except on April Fool's day. That day you have to be very careful as they whip out products that are within the realm of possibility and catch you off guard until you add them to your cart. Some of the products on the ThinkGeek site are clearly fake.

One of these clearly fake products was canned unicorn meat. Everyone knows that all the unicorns were killed off back in 1985 with help from Tom Cruise's girlfriend. Provisions for the giant mother ship I believe. ThinkGeek had the unicorn meat for sale with the slogan "Unicorn – the new white meat."

The National Pork board figured that slogan was too close to its "Pork- the other white meat" slogan as to cause confusion in the market. After all, pigs and unicorns are so very close that we stupid consumers would be confused. Legal firm Faegre and Benson sent ThinkGeek a cease and desist letter telling them to stop using the unicorn slogan. Stupid really is as stupid does isn't it.