ThinkGeek offers PAX East 2013 exclusive Portal 2 turret and more

Shane McGlaun - Mar 19, 2013
ThinkGeek offers PAX East 2013 exclusive Portal 2 turret and more

I’m a sucker for a lot of the geeky items they have at ThinkGeek. Some of my most favorite are the little collectible items that go along with video games such as Portal 2. Specifically, I’ve been rather enamored on several occasions by the replica turrets you can purchase from the game. If you’re going to be on hand at the PAX East 2013 conference, you will have a chance to buy a couple conference exclusive geeky bits from ThinkGeek.

One of the conference exclusive items is a Portal 2 Starfield Deco Turret LED Flashlight with sound. You can’t purchase this little device online, you can only get it in person at the conference while supplies last. The device will be offered on March 22-24th for $9.99. The actual flashlight portion of the turret is a red LED light and it has real sound effects from the video games.


The little turret is packaged in a gift box that looks like the one in the Aperture Investment Opportunity #3 video. The toy is 3.5-inches tall. Along with a special edition turret, ThinkGeek is also offering a gold pickaxe and sword from Minecraft. The foam golden sword will be available at the conference for $19.99.

The golden pickax will be available at the conference as well for $24.99. Both have the pixelated look the game is famous for and are full-size licensed replicas from the Minecraft game. Both of these products will only be offered March 22 the 24th while supplies last at PAX East 2013.

[via ThinkGeek]

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