ThinkGeek boldly cuts where no man has cut before

I like Star Trek and I like pizza, not the overacted original series, but Piccard and Number Two mind you. ThinkGeek really has my attention with its latest product with is a pizza cutter that looks like the Enterprise NCC-1701.

Sure, the cutter is molded after the Enterprise from the original series, but I can let that slide. The cutter is an officially licensed Star Trek item and has a laser etched stainless steel blade bearing the NCC-1701 markings. The cutter is hand wash only.

The cutter is designed and made exclusively for ThinkGeek and has a 4-inch blade diameter. The total length of the cutter including the blade is 4-inches and it weighs of the cutter is 277 grams. This is the perfect thing for cutting your Tribble pie.