Think you could be a Pokemon Consultant? Here's what the job takes

There are no doubt many of us out there that know a lot about Pokemon. The franchise has been around for nearly 25 years about this point, so there are definitely some fans out there with an encyclopedic knowledge of the series. Do you know enough about Pokemon to land a job as a Pokemon Consultant? Chinese mega-corporation Tencent is looking for one, and the requirements for the job are surprisingly steep.

As Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad shared on Twitter today, Tencent is actually looking to fill 19 jobs related to the Pokemon franchise. One of those jobs is for a Pokemon Consultant, who needs to be very well-versed in the franchise to even be considered.

The first two requirements should be easy enough for long-time fans of the franchise to meet, as Tencent requires that applicants not only know the history of Pokemon, but have also cleared all of the Pokemon games with a combined 900 hours or more of total playtime. If you've played every Pokemon game since Red and Blue to completion, there's a good chance your total playtime clocks in at over 900 hours already, but some Pokemon games also have extensive post-game content and ranked modes that can add to playtime significantly.

Before you get too excited though, Tencent also requires that applicants have achieved Master Ball rank in Pokemon's competitive mode. In Pokemon Sword and Shield, Master Ball rank is the highest rank a player can achieve, so getting there is no small task. Tencent also wants applicants to have watched at least 500 episodes of the anime, which is a lot of time devoted to watching a show that historically contains a ton of filler and is ultimately meant for kids.

So, being an official Pokemon Consultant for one of the biggest companies in the world apparently takes more than just a familiarity with the Pokemon games. As for why Tencent is hiring for these positions, Ahmad presents two possibilities: the first is that Tencent's TiMi studio is working on Pokemon Unite alongside The Pokemon Company, while the second is that Tencent is Nintendo's distribution partner for the Switch in China. In both cases, it could be really useful to have people with Pokemon know-how on staff. Do you have the experience to be Tencent's Pokemon Consultant? Head down to the comments section and let us know!