Think Geek’s new line of girly laptop bags

Abby McVay - Dec 5, 2007

Think Geek has decided to create their own line of female laptop bags, consisting of three different styles. I was actually a bit surprised after looking at the bags that they came from Think Geek. Generally most of their bags are black and with the occasional quirky design, but now they have added pink to their list.

The bags come in pink quilted faux suede, black faux crocodile and a modern canvas strip. The striped bag is actually currently not in stock. I’m not sure what size of laptop would fit into the bag. However, they list the inside dimensions and the pink bag’s inside width is 10.75 in and the black bag is 11.25 in. To give you an idea I have the smallest of the MacBooks and it wouldn’t fit inside, it measures 12.78 in.

I’m aware that there are several really small laptops, but you’d think they’d either make it at least large enough to fit the MacBook or have a larger version for sale. The prices range from $39.99-$54.99.

Yet more laptop bags for the ladies
[via techie diva]

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