These unannounced Windows 11 features look surprisingly promising

A set of not-yet-public Windows 11 features have just been discovered in the latest version of the operating system. Although Microsoft hasn't made this latest set of pre-release features official in announcement form just yet, they're too exciting not to share — and who knows, they may make it into Windows 11 soon enough. The rumored features include desktop stickers, the option to hide the taskbar when using the device in tablet mode, and a sustainability section in Windows Settings.

The stickers for the desktop just might be the most fun feature found in this new leak, first shared by data leaker and software engineer Albacore on Twitter. The stickers are rumored to come as part of the personalization section, and unlike the current Windows 11 widgets, they will be pinned to the desktop until you choose to get rid of them. Albacore has stated that the stickers should remain on the desktop unless you use a slideshow, and in order to use them, you'll have to stick to having just one monitor and use Fill fit for your wallpaper.

For those hoping to soon use stickers on their school computers, Albacore adds that system admins will be able to disable the feature. It's unfortunate that stickers, so far, are limited to just one monitor. This could be a temporary setting while the feature is still in its development stages, so let's hope that Microsoft will allow stickers on multiple displays (or at least on one display for users with several.)

Windows 11 may soon be viable in tablet mode


In another tweet, Albacore talks about the two other features that could be making their way into Windows 11: tablet mode and a new Sustainability section in the Settings. This was found through a new taskbar setting labeled "Automatically hide the taskbar when using your device as a tablet." This could be an interesting addition for the owners of 2-in-1 laptops that can be converted to be used in tablet mode or tent mode.

The return of some resemblance of tablet mode would be a good addition to Windows 11, especially when you consider that this is a feature in Windows 10. As reported by The Verge, the Windows 11 project (prior to even being called Windows 11) offered a lot more tablet-friendly options than it does now. There is no immediately apparent singular reason why Microsoft abandoned the majority of these features in the live version of Windows 11.

The rumored Sustainability section offers tips on better energy consumption and brings awareness to recycling your device when the time comes for it to retire. Albacore also talks about a functionality called Focus Assist, now rebranded to Focus, which can now be scheduled through Outlook in the new version of Windows 11. All of these features are still unreleased, so let's hope that Windows will release them to a larger group of users soon.