These sweet Disney controllers make up some of the crap controllers on the market

Anyone who follows the gaming world knows that there are some smoking piles of crap on the market when it comes to controllers. A new series of controllers based on Disney properties have been unveiled by PDP and they are all kinds of cool.

Two of the products are Wii related. These Wii accessories include a stand and a paintbrush for the nunchuck. Both are themed after the Epic Mickey game set to launch. One holds the Wii Remote in the grasp of some sort of black blob that appears to be the gulf oil spill trying to kill the Wii. The other is a paintbrush cover for the nunchuck.

My favorite are the Tron Legacy controllers that are going to be offered for the Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii. The controllers have the Tron name and blue glowing lines. The Tron gear will sell for $50 each and land this fall. The cool Mickey gear doesn't have price or launch info just yet.