These "PC Does What?" ads are either catchy or cringeworthy

Microsoft is kicking off a "PC Does What?" campaign with Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Intel, attempting to build excitement about laptop form-factors. The campaign, which will run online as well as with commercials, is due to kick off in earnest on October 19, though the five firms previewed the spots today.

There's arguably no better time in recent memory for a push around Windows machines. For a start there's Windows 10 itself, Microsoft's sizable upgrade to its OS, which arrives pretty much at the same time as Intel's new 6th-gen "Skylake" processors.

"See what the next generation of PCs can do," the campaign tagline reads, though quite how successful the commercials are depends on the taste of the viewer. The clips, compiled by Dr. Windows below, each focus on a key selling point of each notebook: Dell's nearly bezel-free display, for instance.

Personally, each of the spots seem somewhat forced to me, though it's possible I'm a grumpy old cynic and they'll be far more successful with regular viewers.

A group effort focusing on what makes Windows laptops special is arguably long-overdue. Let me know what you think of the ads in the poll below.

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