These new Switch Joy-Con color combos are perfect for fall

Nintendo is having a pretty big day, first revealing an upcoming refresh of sorts for the Switch and now revealing that two new pairs of Joy-Cons are coming down the pipeline. Joy-Cons, of course, are the standard controller for the Nintendo Switch, and they attach to the sides of the console when it's being used in handheld mode.

The Switch itself is available either with gray or neon red/neon blue Joy-Cons, but users can buy additional pairs in a variety of different colors. Today, Nintendo revealed that the next two Joy-Con releases will be blue/neon yellow and neon purple/neon orange. Both pairs will be releasing on October 4th and they'll run $79.99 each.

Nintendo has offered a pair of neon yellow Joy-Cons in the past (which are my personal Joy-Cons of choice), but the rest of these colors are new. The neon purple/neon orange pair might prove to be very popular with Switch owners, given how much nostalgia people seem to have for the GameCube.

Nintendo's announcement on Twitter, which you can see embedded above, didn't really elicit much excitement from fans. Instead, there are a number of users demanding that Nintendo fix ongoing drifting problems with the controllers, something that's been getting a fair amount of coverage lately. While we don't have any kind of hard statistics, it seems that many users are experiencing "drifting," which is when the joysticks on the Joy-Cons register movement without being touched.

So far, Nintendo has been silent on the issue, but hopefully that changes soon. In any case, if drifting hasn't made you swear off of buying new Joy-Cons, you'll be able to pick these up on October 4th.