These are Steam’s best games of 2017

Eric Abent - Jan 2, 2018, 12:27 pm CST
These are Steam’s best games of 2017

Now that we’re into 2018, Steam is looking back at the year that just was and using its internal metrics to name the best and most popular games of 2017. Steam does this each and every year, and this time around, the games are being split into 5 different categories. Many of these lists are determined by total revenue, but one in particular focuses on games that were most popular among Steam players as well.

The first list that Steam has published focuses solely on top sellers for the year. In this list, the top 100 games of the year (as determined by gross revenue) are split into four different groups: platinum, gold, silver, and bronze. Platinum and gold are the most exclusive of the two groups, with games like Divinity: Original Sin 2, PUBG, and The Witcher 3 landing in the former group and Civ 6, Stellaris, and Dark Souls 3 featuring in the latter.

READ MORE: The Best Games of 2017Next up we’ve got the top new releases of 2017. In this list, games are split up by release month and then measured by revenue, giving us a look at the games that were hot sellers at launch. As we’d expect, the year started out slow in January and lagged again in the summer, but many of the spring, fall, and winter months featured a bunch of games that sold well out of the gate.

If, by chance, you received a VR headset during the holidays, you might want to take a look at Steam’s most popular VR games for the year. There’s also a list dedicated to games that left early access in 2017 and sold well, though unfortunately, that list is far less populated than the others. Still, it features plenty of great games, such as Slime Rancher and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

Finally, we come to the most played games of the year, which are split up into sections based on their highest simultaneous player count throughout 2017. Familiar titles like DOTA 2 and PUBG top the list with more than 100,000 players throughout the year, while other sections feature notable titles like Rocket League, Skyrim, and Terraria.

To view all of Steam’s best of 2017 lists, you can head over to the Steam storefront. Keep in mind that Steam’s Holiday Sale is still on until January 4, so if you’ve been looking for some new games to spend some money on, these lists could help you find them.

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