These are Elon Musk's favorite video games

Overwatch fever has taken over, at least in the Musk household. You'd think that between SpaceX and Tesla, Elon Musk doesn't have much spare time on his hands, but he apparently has enough to play some video games here and there. In a new interview, Musk talks about what he's currently playing, and discusses some of his favorite games from the past as well.

When asked by Y Combination's Sam Altman about the games he'd recommend, Musk immediately responds with Overwatch. "Overwatch is amazing; generally Blizzard does great stuff," he said, before going on to say that Hearthstone is also a favorite for him and his kids.

When Altman tried to end the interview, Musk continued to talk about video games, asking him if he played anything besides Overwatch. The discussion then shifted to Deus Ex, with Musk lamenting the fact that the latest entry in the series, Mankind Divided, was not up to snuff in terms of storytelling. He then talked about his love for the original Deus Ex game, which is a title that is renowned for its storytelling to this day.

In fact, Musk spent some time talking about the good old days, when graphics and sound in video weren't that great and developers had to rely on good storytelling instead. He certainly has a point, though there are some games that still offer great stories. As Altman points out, The Last of Us is one such game, with the behind the scenes staff recommending the Uncharted series to Musk as well.

If nothing else, this is an interesting insight into how Musk likes to spend his free time. Maybe a few of us have even played against him in an Overwatch match? The only question left is which character he likes the most, but if I had to guess, I'd say Winston – the scientist gorilla who wields a Tesla cannon – might be a safe bet.