Thermos Smart Lid bottle tracks your drinking habit

Thermos, the company that most people associate with hot food and drink containers, has a new bottle that keeps tabs on your drinking habit. Water drinking, that is. It is called the Thermos Smart Lid Hydration Bottle, and it is not unique in the connected-devices market. It is, however, the first big-name company to get in on the drinking-tracking market, and does so while specifically targeting iOS users. Don't have iOS? Thermos is also launching a bottle with a manual-tracking feature.

The bottle is styled like a typical Thermos water bottle, but was designed in partnership with EXOS and includes technology for tracking one's activity level, water needs based on weight, and one's age. This factors into a daily hydration goal, which you can monitor — including via alerts — on an iOS device.

The bottle also has a capacity-sensing tube that keep tabs on the water's temperature — never again do you have to taste the water to see if it is warm. The bottle has a 24oz capacity, uses Bluetooth to connect to a smartphone, and has a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery. The bottle will cost $59.99 USD when it launches.

Smart bottles not quite your thing? About this time last year we reported on the Memobottle, an ordinary "dumb" water bottle with a unique square shape, allowing it to better accommodate modern laptop bags. More water bottle news in the timeline below!

SOURCE: Gizmag