Thermaltake Level 10 iBUYPOWER PC gets liquid-cooling update

What could make the stonking Thermaltake Level 10 PC case any better?  How about a custom liquid-cooling system; that's what iBUYPOWER and Asetek have done, modifying the latter's 120mm LCLC to fit the asymmetric Level 10 layout.

We're not entirely clear on the exact details of the liquid-cooling setup in place, but going from the images iBUYPOWER have supplied it's covering the CPU at least.  It'll work hand in hand with the company's custom overclocking service, where they crank up the CPU speed before the PC even ends up on your desk.

Interestingly, iBUYPOWER are offering the Asetek liquid-cooling system as a free upgrade for their Level 10 based systems (there's a $20 mail-in rebate involved).  That's reasonably generous of them, though given the PC starts at a shade over $2k before you start to add in the more interesting extras who'd quibble over $20.