There's already an Apple Watch app predicting your time of death

There's a lot to be said about how the new Apple Watch does much more than just tell the time; it has several full-fledged health and activity tracking features, not to mention being able to run its own apps. One of these forthcoming apps tells an alternate form of the time, such as how much longer you have to live. It's called Life Clock, and it's much more than a joke or novelty that just counts down seconds arbitrarily, it actually estimates and updates the time based on your health data.

Still in prototype form, Life Clock comes from London design firm Rehabstudio. The basic idea is simple enough: the app adds time to your clock when you do an activity like exercise, and subtracts time for unhealthy behavior like not getting enough sleep. This data is pulled from Apple's HealthKit and other APIs.

Tom Le Bree, one of Rehabstudio's founders, says that Life Clock is meant to be a motivational tool, not a gloomy reminder of mortality. Think of it as an alternative way to encourage healthy behavior than Apple's own colored bars for different activities or various achievement icons. In addition, it benefits over other mortality countdown tools in that it requires no manually entered data or questionnaire, it keeps track of your activities and adjusts the time on the fly.

Life Clock and other similar apps could be useful to help the Apple Watch differentiate itself from the number of health and fitness focused wearables on the market. Instead of worrying about details of the past — how many steps taken, or how many calories eaten — Life Clock tries to get you to focus on the future and making the most of it. As Le Bree says, "It's harder to put off your diet for another week when you can see the consequence of it right on your wrist."

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