There is "significant interest" in the purchase of Free Radical

ReSolve, the appointed administrator of Free Radical, has told Edge that there has already been a "significant interest" shown in the purchase of this video game developer. Free Radical was just officially placed into administration just a few hours after they refused entry to staff members.

A number of companies were in Free Radical's home city of Nottingham yesterday to say there goodbyes as "well over 100" people left the group. Realtime Worlds, Codemasters, Monumental and Eurocom were all reported to be present as this event. ReSolve's Cameron Gunn responded that he is "not aware of any formal resignations over the last 24 hours, but we can't stop people resigning from Free Radical."

The two projects that Free Radical was currently working on are still being looked over as they were two very big projects that have a lot of potential.  The selection of staff that were selected to continue working at Free Radical's offices for the time being is said to be related to these two projects. They did not state what companies the interests were from or who was interested.