Themer brings unique designer home screen customizabiliy to Android

If you thought you had a home screen replacement app that brought versatility to your Android smartphone before, you'll be blown away by Themer. There's a beta release going on right this minute with codes being pushed in waves – always keep a line at the door, of course – and the app will be out in a final version very soon. For now you'll be able to have a peek at the app here on SlashGear.

What you're seeing here is a variety of shots taken with an HTC One. But the device doesn't really matter (just so long as it's a smartphone, not a tablet – tablet workability comes later). Themer was designed by the folks at MyColorScreen to be device-agnostic, for the most part – just so long as you're running Android. What they've done here is to make it simple to roll out with designs that aren't just based on a creative arrangement of icons, but on high design taking hold as well.

They've worked with designers that really, really know their stuff when it comes to interface design, and as a result have created some layouts that are above and beyond much of the basics being pushed by some of the bigger hardware manufacturers out in the wild over the past few years. What's great about this app for the common user is the complete lack of hacking skills or technical knowhow – you just pick a theme and away you go!

Opening Themer results in a collection of screens that direct the hand and the eye with ease. You can even go so far as to keep this set of screens as the intro screen in itself is a theme – you can choose this theme again later in the big collection of Themer screens once you're ready and loaded.

Down the rabbit hole you'll find themes centered on a wide variety of subjects (like Breaking Bad) and layouts (circles, miniature icons, diagonal lines). Buttons on your home screen end up being of a variety of sizes, and gestures appear here and there based on the whims of the individual designer.

Each of these themes (the ones we've tried thus far) also seem to be rolling at immense speed. While some theming apps and homescreen replacement apps of the past have indeed had a toll on the performance of the device itself, we've found Themer to do nothing but keep performance at its peak.

If you're lucky enough to happen upon a code this week – they're out there if you search "themer code" here or there – let us know if you've taken a look. We'll be tapping away at the different ways in which we can access our camera – there's no lack of options here, that's for sure. Be sure to check out the Android Community hands-on with Themer as well.