The XOOM Contest here on SlashGear Continues!

Chris Burns - May 2, 2011
The XOOM Contest here on SlashGear Continues!

SO there’s been a bit of a situation involving ineligibility with one of our so-called winners of the Motorola XOOM wifi units – and you know what that means! It means we’re going to extend the contest till’ next week and pick a whole new winner! That’s right, if you’ve already entered our big fat XOOM contest (with prizes from NVIDIA,) you’re still in the running. If you wanted to enter but didn’t get the chance, now’s when you need to make it happen! You’ve got until Sunday May 8th at 2PM – get entering!

For the shortened rules for this contest, look below. For the long set of rules, including all the stuff about who exactly is eligible to win, click [this link] which’ll connect you to the original contest post. The only difference between that and this is that the winner of the final XOOM will be chosen on the 9th of May. Good luck!

To win one of these fabulous tablets, you must:

1. “like” us on Facebook:
2. Comment on the wall saying something nice like “SlashGear and NVIDIA are ever so generous and kind with their dual-core generosity.”

Contest begins April 11, 2PM PST, and ends April 24, 2PM PST. A winner will be announced every Monday @ 5PM PST here in the main news feed and at our official Facebook page.

WINNERS will be given the opportunity to submit a review of their XOOM and have it posted on the front page of!

*Reviews may be edited or modified before publication and are considered works for hire under the 1976 Copyright Act. Submissions will be ineligible for payment or remuneration.

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