The Xbox One is NOT getting an (instant fix) graphics upgrade

Chris Burns - Jun 6, 2014
The Xbox One is NOT getting an (instant fix) graphics upgrade

Despite what you may have heard from some odd forums and other major publications, the Xbox One is not getting a graphics upgrade with the dawn of the Kinect-free model. In other words – you will not get a sharper image if you disconnect your Kinect now, nor will you see more frames per second. This update will bring a tiny bit more GPU power to developers – they are the ones that will have to take advantage of it.

It’s been reported that this change does not have anything to do with you disconnecting your Kinect from your Xbox One. It won’t matter if your Kinect is connected to your Xbox One or not because this update will be coming to Xbox One units of all kinds.

The update to the Xbox One which will free up additional GPU power will come in June. This change does not come at the hands of the recently-revealed Kinect-less Xbox One, nor will it be delivered only upon delivery of that model. This June update is said to free up 10% additional GPU performance – this percentage is subjective.

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VIA: @MajorNelson

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