The world's greenest supercar is actually a big bicycle

If you see this thing rolling down the road, you might mistake it for Ferrari thanks to the bright red paint and styling reminiscent of the Ferrari 458 Italia. A closer inspection would tip you off that the Fahrradi Faralla FFX isn't a car at all. The FFX is actually a thin plastic shell on a lightweight metal frame powered by pedals.

It may well be the world's most awesome pedal car. The name of the car also tips those that speak German to its true nature, because Fahrradi means bicycle. The giant pedal car has gull wing doors that flap as the car drives down the street. According to the designers, the flapping motion of the doors helps lift the car slightly off the ground and helps to ventilate the inside.

The car has two seats inside and in Austria, it can be driven on the streets. I'm not sure if driven a ridden is more accurate. The vehicle has external lights for nighttime use composed of 200 ultra bright LEDs. The pedal car is currently on exhibition in Linz, Austria at the Lentos Museum of Art until July 4. The pedal car is part of the exhibit called "Car Culture: The Car As Sculpture".

[via DigitalTrends]