The World’s Fastest Vehicle tops at 340mph but costs $3 million

Daniel Lim - Feb 27, 2008

The two-wheeled Acabion GTBO reminds me of Burt Munro with his World’s Fastest Indian motorcycle. Burt made it to 183.58 mph, a record setting for streamlined motorcycles under 1,000cc but the GTBO, designed by the former Porsche engineer Peter Maskus, is a complete different animal.

It makes use of jet fighter technology with 1300CC turbo-charged engine to produce an astounding 800 brake horsepower. The result is a world’s fastest vehicle that capable to reach top speed of 340mph, 83mph faster than the Shelby super car, SSC Aero. The two-wheeled-Acabion is not as appealing as most exotic cars but it’s definitely not cheap, the cost is £1.5 million ($3 million dollars)


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