The Wolverine Launch Trailer tells the story with clarity

With the coming of The Wolverine, the next chapter of the Marvel Comics X-Men break-out star continues in Japan with a trailer released this week. This movie is set to take the role continued with Hugh Jackman back into his past – as all good Wolverine stories do. Here with the newest two-minute and fourty-one second "launch trailer", fans will be able to see the plot explained in a slightly less all-at-once manner than was delivered in earlier iterations.

What the folks behind this film series are aiming at is making certain the character Wolverine sticks inside the Marvel universe while he stays just far enough away that they'll not have to sign for cross-over rights. Those that own the rights to Wolverine's character are different from those that own Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor – they've bet big on X-Men and they're not about to let go of their legacy – so they're sticking with the winner.

The winner is, in this case, top-tier actor Hugh Jackman and the most popular X-Men character of all: Wolverine. This story places the character in Japan where he's being given the chance to become "mortal" again. As fans of the character know, Wolverine's healing abilities are both a blessing and a curse: while it's nearly impossible for him to die, he's also got no death to look forward to.

Cigar ahoy!

While Wolverine's friends and family die around him of old age and general action mishaps, Logan must continue on without purpose. The plot here includes a character who Wolverine had saved during one war or another, coming back (or calling Logan back, that is), to repay him.

This trailer once again reminds the audience that the film will be appearing in July on the 25th of the month both in the USA and internationally. Below you'll also see an alternate take from earlier this year – don't watch too much though, or you'll have seen the whole film.