The Witcher Battle Arena MOBA mobile game coming soon

JC Torres - Jul 2, 2014, 6:53 am CDT
The Witcher Battle Arena MOBA mobile game coming soon

Fans of the The Witcher games on PCs and consoles will either be filled with anticipation or dread. The popular action RPG franchise is coming to mobile devices soon, but, unsurprisingly, it won’t be the same type of game you might have grown to love. The Witcher Battle Arena will indeed drop you in the middle of the game’s world, but you’ll be dishing it out in solo or team-based skirmishes, ala DotA or LoL.

In other words, The Witcher Battle Arena, let’s just call it TWBA for the sake of brevity, is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game, which we will, lovingly or not, refer to as MOBA, also for the sake of brevity. If you are any sort of gamer that looks beyond Candy Crush and Diner Dash, you will be familiar with the genre. If not, MOBA games basically put you in control of a hero, a controllable player character with some limited amount of special skills, that you can use to form a team of other player’s heroes to wipe out the opposing team and their base, usually a tower or a source of power.

Game creators CD Projekt is bringing that style of gameplay to The Witcher franchise, at least only in its mobile incarnation. For heroes, you get to pick from an assortment of popular characters from the game world itself, with the exception of leading man Geralt, of course. There Letho, the bald Assassin of Kings, Iorveth, not your typical dandy elf, Eithne, queen of the dryads, and five other names from the world of Nilfgaard.


Those who are already cringing just at the sight of the word “MOBA” should try to take deep breaths. CD Projekt was quite known for being a bit contrary and they are definitely putting their distinctive stamp in this game. First, in addition to your regular MOBA arena death match, there is a Conquest Mode also available. Here, two teams of three fight over several conquest points, which drain a team’s point pool depending on who lays claim to the area. CD Projekt also mentions an interesting feature of the game. You can actually play alone, without an Internet connection, which pretty much nullifies the “Multiplayer Online” part of the genre. Definitely an interesting detail to watch out for.

Perhaps more importantly, CD Projekt is banishing the pay-to-win conventions that plagued the MOBA world, at least partially. To unlock content, you have to play. Simple as that. The system is promised to be balanced, fair, and not painstakingly slow. However, if you really, really want to unlock something immediately, you will have to option to pay for it. The Witcher Battle Arena is slated to arrive in its full touch-optimized glory sometime later this year, for Android, iOS, and, surprisingly, Windows Phone.

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