The wins keep coming for Valheim

For weeks now, we've been wondering if Valheim is going to slow down it's rather ridiculous momentum, and today we learned once again that the answer to that question is a resounding "no." Iron Gate Studio is back with another update on Valheim, telling us where the game's sales sit after just a month of availability.

If you've been following along so far, then you know where this is going: Valheim has topped 5 million sales in the span of just one month. It's been safe to say it for a while, but now it's definitely clear – Valheim is a success in pretty much every regard.

There are a few things responsible for Valheim's success. While it is an early access survival title – a common sight on Steam – Valheim generally isn't a buggy mess. There are bugs, that's for sure, but Valheim feels more polished than many of the other early access survival games out there. Valheim also has a decent amount of content for an early access game, and Iron Gate Studio says that from a content perspective, the game is only about 50% complete.

So, there's a lot more content to come in what already feels like a fairly dense games. Valheim has enjoyed some stellar user reviews too, with Iron Gate noting today that the title is ranked 39th in "the best user reviewed games on Steam of all time." Overall, the game has an Overwhelmingly Positive rating based on 121,596 user reviews (at the time of this writing, in any case).

So, it's been a pretty intense month for Valheim and its developers, and the game shows no signs of slowing its momentum. No doubt, fans are wondering when we're going to get the first big update in Valheim's 2021 roadmap, and we'll let you know when Iron Gate shares more regarding that, so stay tuned.