The Wii Fit finds multiple alternative uses

Abby McVay - May 30, 2008

The Wii Fit has been out for a little over a week now and already people are finding alternative uses for it. Wii Fanboy has been throwing random objects onto the Balance Board to see how different things are measuring up and Joystick Division have come up with various alternative uses for after you get bored of the game.

Sadly, JC over at Wii Fanboy has discovered that after placing his cat on the board, it is indeed a fatty and his vacuum is anorexic. He also discovered that you can measure someone as young as a two year old on the board, that is if you can get them to stand still.

vacuum on wii fit

Joystick Division has made 5 very hilarious illustrations as to what to do with your Balance Board after you tire of the Wii Fit. One example being to use it as a pool toy anchor when you want to make sure your kids don’t float off too far and you need a beer. Also, if you need a serving tray it works great for that as well.

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