The Wallatex Mp3 Player Fits In Your Wallet

We are really driving poor little mp3 players to the brink of starvation and death. As if the iPod Shuffle among many other teeny-weeny mp3 players just weren't small and thin enough, we are now welcoming news of what may be the world's slimmest mp3 player, the Wallatex Wallet Mp3 player due out in June 2007.

This Wallet Mp3 literally fits in your wallet, measuring just slightly thicker than a credit card. It is of course a solid state player and features a built-in double sided USB connector that is also used as a headphone jack with a small adapter.

Available in sizes ranging form 128MB to 2GB, the player can even be printed with custom graphics such as for marketing and promotional giveaways. No pricing information yet.

Walletex Wallet MP3 Player Actually Exists! [Via: OhGizmo]