The Walking Dead's return nears with another teaser trailer

The Walking Dead will be returning on February 8, and leading up to it are some teaser trailers that seemingly reveal very little, but that have enough details subtly packed in to keep fans excited. Earlier this month we saw a new trailer teasing the return of Season 5 with an almost no-dialog slow motion fight scene. It took place in winter, and it included most of the characters, but beyond that nothing was revealed. AMC dropped a new trailer on YouTube today, and with it comes a bit more — as well as something to be excited about.The Walking Dead needs more than just "walkers" to hold the audience's attention for several seasons, yet the zombies are the central theme of the series, and fans have been demanding more of them, growing tired of the human interest elements that have, more or less, pushed the zombies into a territory where they'll little more than annoyances.

By the looks of this trailer, that wish might be coming true. We see the team battling walkers of all stripes in several different settings; sometimes there are a few of them, other times there are hordes. Regardless, they're there and that hints at a return to the basics.

"We do what we need to do, and then we get to live," says Rick. This is the same theme — survival at all costs — that we were teased with in the trailer that launched earlier this month, and by the looks of things, survival just keeps getting harder.

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