The Walking Dead retail release plagued with freezing issues on Xbox 360

Eric Abent - Dec 27, 2012
The Walking Dead retail release plagued with freezing issues on Xbox 360

Those who received a physical copy of The Walking Dead on Xbox 360 for the holidays are experiencing some rather game-breaking issues. It appears that some players are having to deal with freezing and stuttering while playing the game. If you’ve ever played one of Telltale’s titles, you know that most of them make good use of quick time events – those aren’t very easy to complete if your game is stuttering or freezing entirely.

Indeed, in posts on Telltale’s forums, some users are saying that the stuttering issues are make it impossible to complete quick time events, thus making it impossible to progress in the game. It gets worse too, as stuttering and freezing aren’t the only issues players are experiencing. Some are attempting to begin episode 2 only to have the game drop them back at the beginning of episode 1.

There are even some who are saying that their choices aren’t transferring from chapter to chapter – for instance, a character who died in episode 1 is suddenly alive in episode 2, while those who made it to end of the first episode are nowhere to be found in the second. These are all pretty big problems, so it’s no wonder players have flocked to Telltale’s forums to complain. Telltale has released a statement on the issues, saying that they seem to only affect 4GB Xbox 360 Slims. That doesn’t appear to be the case though, as people using other Xbox 360 models are reporting problems with their game.

In any case, Telltale says that it will continue investigating the problems and will hopefully have more information on them soon. Here’s hoping these issues get ironed out quickly, because Telltale has quite a few fans asking for a refund at the moment. While these problems persist, it might be a better idea to go for the downloadable version of The Walking Dead if you’re planning to play through it on Xbox 360.

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