The Walking Dead: Our World AR game now available on Android and iOS

Last year, AMC and Next Games unveiled an augmented reality mobile game based on hit TV show The Walking Dead. In the teaser trailer revealed at the time, we were introduced to a game where zombies are brought into the real world, as well as weapons used to combat them and iconic characters from the series. Nearly a year has passed since that unveiling and the game, Our World, is finally available to download.

The Walking Dead: Our World has launched alongside a brand new trailer, which shows a gaming experience that differs in notable ways from what we saw last April. As with other augmented reality games, such as Pokemon GO, Our World requires the user to hold up their phone, camera facing outward, to combat the walking dead that generate near them.

Players are tasked with destroying the zombies using in-game weapons, such as guns, and they play alongside characters from the TV show. According to Next Games, "location is a core element" for this game — it's powered by Google Maps. Zombies are present wherever the player happens to be, whether it's a local park, their school, or just walking down the sidewalk.

Players can take on the zombies alone or team up with others to battle hordes of the walking dead as they close in. Next Games teases that players will, at times, experience "mass encounters" with zombies, as well as infestations, and they may even have to go on rescue missions at times to save others.

Weekly missions offer ways to play with friends while raking in rewards. For those times you can't play outside, Next Games has included a "couch play" option in the game, which can be played while at home. Next Games also teases the existence of "Flares," which enables a group of players to "access...the best missions anywhere in the world."

SOURCE: Next Games