The Walking Dead gets its first (and intense) season 6 trailer

We've heard a lot about AMC's upcoming companion series to The Walking Dead called Fear the Walking Dead, but not much has been said about the original series as of late. That ends today, with the first trailer for the upcoming sixth season arriving at Comic Con 2015. It is more than four minutes long and picks up right where the last season left off. There's no dragging things out (we're looking at you, FTWD teasers) — people die, tempers boil, and Rick may no longer be in charge.

"How many more of us have to die? Rick is dangerous!" Such is a stark statement punctuating what we see in the trailer below: a world where the rebuilding isn't going as hoped, where walkers are as abundant as ever, and where the unprepared people of Alexandria discover what life is like outside of their protective walls.

The doubt over Rick's stability from the last season is still present, and it seems his role as leader may come to an end next season as a familiar face returns.

Some of the trailer's attempts at misdirection are a bit too obvious, and coupled with the extensive footage some fans might be able to piece together more about the next season than they're comfortable with. If that's not a risk you want to take you'd be well advised to skip the above trailer.

The Walking Dead season 6 starts on October 11.