The Walking Dead AR game is location-based like Pokemon GO

Next Games and AMC Networks have teamed up to launch a location-based augmented reality game that works in a way similar to Pokemon GO. The game, called The Walking Dead: Our World, brings zombies into the real world...but only through your smartphone screen. Players will have to battle the zombies using a variety of weaponry.

Unlike ordinary mobile games, which take place entirely within your phone, this Walking Dead game brings the zombies into the real world using augmented reality — you'll see them in your bedroom, your living room, the park, or anywhere you happen to be. This is different than the Walking Dead: No Man's Land mobile game, which launched back in 2015.

This technology became popular thanks to Pokemon GO, which puts digital creatures into the real world using a phone or tablet's rear camera. The game requires gamers to travel from one place to the another in search of monsters. The Walking Dead game won't be quite the same, at least based on the current announcement, instead having players fight walkers wherever they happen to be.

Based on the video trailer above, it seems a wide variety of weapons will be available, but they'll be positioned in random places in the room and you'll have to physically go to them to get them. That adds an interesting element into the game, forcing people off the couch and into an interactive world with these zombies.

Weapons shown in the trailer include a crossbow, swords, grenades, firearms, and more. Virtual versions of the show's characters also make an appearance at times to save the player. How representative the trailer is of the actual gameplay is yet to be seen.