The Waiting Sign-declare your impatience

If you have ever worked a customer service job you know about those customers, the ones that think that the world revolves around them. Since obviously they are in a hurry, the waters should part and let them pass through. Great, now they can have a light that makes them think they are funny all the while making you feel smaller and smaller. It's a light that they wear on their belt that when turned on glows bright orange and says waiting.

The creator Kris Harzinski apparently spends much of his time waiting. He thinks that if nothing else it can be a conversation piece for you and whoever is in front of you in the line. I'm sure the cashier isn't busy enough trying to keep up with everything without overhearing you griping about how you are tired of waiting. Maybe she should purchase one too and flip it on while she's waiting for you to find your cash that you have apparently misplaced.

I know it's difficult, but how about you try out patience for a day after all everyone is in a hurry and having some jerk whining in line in front of you doesn't make things any easier. However, if you are one of those fabulous customers who never bothered to work minimum wage jobs, you can purchase one of these lights for $33.

Waiting Sign [via techie diva]