The Vitality GlowCap

Abby McVay - May 29, 2007

Taking your pills can be difficult to remember and frankly not everyone needs a day sorter. Really, those things are even inconvenient for the people that are stuck using them. This pill cap might be a great alternative.

Some people just have one medication they have to take and not everyone adapts well to remember to take it. The Vitality cap simply glows to remind you when it is time to take it. It will also email you to take your pills. It can also contact your pharmacist when it is time for a refill and will send you a monthly health report through the mail.

To receive pricing you might be able to find out through your pharmacist. If they don’t know, there is an email they can contact to find out for you.

Glowcap ambient pill cap [via infosthetics]

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