The Verizon iPhone: Mostly Bought by AT&T iPhone Owners?

The Verizon iPhone hasn't been quite the wild success we'd expected. Not only is the Big Red iPhone not moving fast, it is also selling primarily to people who already own iPhones. So far, there's little evidence of a great Android flight.

This information comes from the app Instapaper. They tend to have a stable ranking- between #2 and #5 in the App Store news category, and thus their sales may act as a decent gauge for iPhone sales. Rather than seeing a huge influx of totally new customers due to the CDMA iPhone, the numbers remain stable.

From this, it seems reasonable to assume that most of the Verizon iPhone sales have been users switching over from AT&T. This isn't a bad thing, at least not for Verizon and Apple, but it may point towards a better Q1 for Android handset manufacturers than any of them had dared hope.

[Via Marco]