The USB Absinthe Spoon-Have you seen the green fairy lately?

Now Absinthe is illegal in the US, apparently we have issues with anything that makes you see a glowing green fairy. The US has sort of become the prude country and well, anything different scares us.

Personally I've never even seen what the stuff looks like; I've never been out of the States. However, some people take their Absinthe very seriously, so serious that they decided to create a USB Absinthe Spoon. Apparently they wanted to mix work with pleasure. I imagine the idea came to them while under the influence of Absinthe; perhaps they had a computer in front of them and went from there. Either way, people are going nuts over these things.

If you go to the site, you'll discover you have to leave a comment explaining why you deserve one. If you scroll down you may notice that there are 401 comments. Since I am a sheltered American, you have to tell me, do you see a green fairy and what does it look like?

Be the first to try the USB absinthe spoon [via Shiny Shiny]