The ultimate VR workout combines Vive with a rowing machine

Much has already been said about how playing certain games in virtual reality can be comparable to exercising. With all the moving and arm flailing, it's common for users to find themselves building up a sweat. But what if you combined a VR headset with using an actual exercise machine? That's exactly what one startup has done, pairing a HTC Vive with a rowing machine.

On display at Computex 2016 in Taiwan, the setup, designed by Holodia, has users sitting on a standard exercise machine, with the cables pairing the Vive to the computer kept out of the way with an overhead hook. From there, they can start rowing as they normally would.

Inside VR however, the experience is nothing like sitting in a living room or gym. Users can choose from several environments to row in, including tropical beaches and rivers, or even outer space, complete with asteroid fields. Look downwards and you'll see yourself sitting in a canoe, while steering is as simple as turning your head in the direction you want to row.

Once rowers are on their way, a display within the "game" will show how fast they're going as well as the total distance traveled. Sure, workout machines at gyms often have TV screens connected to them, but this looks like a much more enjoyable way to get immersed in an exercise activity.

SOURCE Engadget