The Ultimate Matrix Collection Coming To Japan On Blu-Ray Via Nebuchadnezzar

The Matrix trilogy will be released in Japan in the coming months on Blu-ray and Warner Brothers is going all out. At least, the packaging has exceeded all standards of normal and the collection is tucked inside the Nebuchadnezzar. Yes, the ship from the movies.


The ship is a 2-foot model that is super detailed. And this is just the outside of the collection, we're talking about. The real meat and potatoes of the deal features 7-discs of Matrix-y goodness. Included are the three movies, The Animatrix and three standard definition DVDs with making of documentaries, interviews and more.

The Ultimate Matrix Collection will be released on December 17th in Japan and will cost a whopping $375. For that price, I'd expect all seven discs to be in Blu-ray at the very least. But hey, at least you get that cool model ship. That's kind of worth it, right?

[via OhGizmo!]